JumpToPC is a simple and affordable personal computing solution, making digital literacy accessible and affordable for all. With less than 10% of Indian households having access to wired broadband or WiFi, laptop/desktop penetration is a dismal 8%, and thus the percentage of young adults who use digital productivity tools is well below average. A larger population knows how to edit videos on TikTok than how to make a resume!

JumpToPC enables remote schooling, tutoring and work from home without the need of WiFi or computers/laptops.  Your existing EdTech content and office productivity tools can seamlessly be accessed and used.

Our software and hardware platform pairs any smartphone to any television to create a personal computing environment for households, enabling work from home, remote schooling and much more. A desktop-emulating mobile application and basic peripheral devices have been developed through a user-centric design approach for low-digital literacy users. Using existing devices also ensures faster adoption of the product as users are familiar with the devices. 

A curated knowledge base allows for a holistic course depending on where JumpToPC is being used. This can be used in schools to augment their existing syllabus or as a platform to access additional material for entrance exams and other certifications at home. JumpToPC promotes continued learning to build digital skills for everyone.